Our business terms


The enterprise "Hofmann & Wendt GbdR" will be called "Anvil-Soft" during this text.
Anvil-Soft submits itsself without any limitaion to the guidelines of the german laws and the espacially the german " Verbraucherschutzgesetz" (customer protection law). Our aim is a satisfied customer. If there is any trouble we usually try to achieve a suitable solution for the customer. Anyway the following rules should be noticed:

1 Contractual Partners

All treaties are arranged between you as a customer and Anvil-Soft.

2 Shipping area

CDs will only be shipped within Germany. Download orders are accepted worldwide.

3 Shipping costs

Shipping cost for single CD is 2 Euros. Downloads ship for free.

4 Shipping

We try to ship orders as fast as possible. Anyway, if a product is not available, or the shipping is delayed, no damages can be claimed against Anvil-Soft.

5 Payment

All invoices have to be paid in advance.Exchange fees, caused by money transfers with other currences than the Euro, are to be paid by the customers.

6 Exchange

At Anvil-Soft you buy without a risk. You may exchange or give back ordered software within a two weeks period, as long as the packages seals are not opened. Software bought with direct download is excluded from exchange.

6 Property and licences

Shipped wares are  property of Anvil-Soft, until they are completely paid. If you download data or programms from our homepage you get no right of ownership, but a licence to use them with this process and automatically submit to our licence terms. During the installation you can read them.

7 Personal data protection

Anvil-Soft uses your personal data very carefully. Your data will not be spread or sold to others nore will it be used in any other way, except you have given permission to do so. All data will only be saved and kept as long as the law or the business process itsself forces us to this measure. After these periods and obligations are over your data will be erased carefully. 

8 Used law and place of jurisdiction

German law under exclusion of the "UN-Kaufrecht" (UN - purchase law) is valid.Place of jurisdiction is Nuernberg/Mittelfranken.

Date: 7.4.2005