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The funniest economic simulation of all days part two








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The funniest economic simulation of all days


Demo & patch





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      TL KM 2


"Its a shame that this riff-raff is showing up in such a pleasant game !"

    Jens Irrweg - saboteur

    Herr IrrwegA hard childhood with rich parents grows strange fruits. Such as the highly saboteur Jens Irrweg. The good financial possibilities of his parental home guaranted a huge supply of alcohol in a very early stage of his life. A solid basic  training in the fields of "blackout" and "controlled throw up" was the natural result. This background knowledge almost guarantees a job for him in the sabotage industry ! This brave example shows the world, that there is still some fire burning within our juveniles !


    Alois Bunsenstein - scientist

    Herr BunsensteinEven as a small boy Alois was technical fanatic. Allthough having practically no idea, he always found friends or acquaintances form whose talents or knowledge he could profit. At the frail age of 15 he won the first price in the "junior innovation" competition with an invention of his so far best friend Herbert. During his study his lucky streak did not end and he got best conditions and results. With his dissertation, formed with the work of at least three fellow students, he was able to increase his market value immensly and  can now be hired by the private economy.


    Hans Radellski - guard

    Herr RadellskiNoone really knows the age of Mr. Radellski. Only one thing is for sure: he served in the army ! Wether in one or two world wars, he would not tell us. But his high age did not change his eagerness or his reliability. Hans Radellski was never ever late in his life, he did not stay longer anyway.  The two hearing aids provide them with ears as good as a fox ones and he tells us his cataract makes him see even better at night. A common stick, meant to support old people when they are walking, is a dangerous precision instrument when given to Hans Radellski.


    Gain new friends with Toilet Tycoon 2:

    Neue Freunde Pensioners icrease their pensions as guards, fashion stylists lead a double life as masters of gossips .

    Fat housewifes clean loos to reduce nasty overweight.

    Swots and geniouses only have the improvements of the most important need of mankind on their mind.


If you missed things in Toilet Tycoon 1, or simply have a great idea for part two, send a mail with your suggestions to:


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