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The funniest economic simulation of all days part two








Shoot vegetable to forget all sorrow


Demo & patch






The funniest economic simulation of all days


Demo & patch





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      TL KM 2



The map  

Frau Iso MetrieThe map of Toilet Tycoon 2, build in isometric view, is an interactive menu system. Some buildings can be entered, plots of land can be bought. Also you can change the view of the city by building houses or by pulling others down. As known from Toilet TycoonGold, the  useful player flags are included which help you to watch your empire spread across the town. This time there is an theoretically  unlimited number of maps, as you can freely develop them by yourself with the included map-editor. 


Natural resources

Unbekannter RohstoffIn Toilet Tycoon 2 there is another new aspect, the natural resources you need to gain. All in all there are three different kinds of them. They can be mined and sold or you can use them for the production of lavish innovations in the sanitarian sector.

To mine them you have to build mines, that automatically fill your warehouse.




You love progress ? You want  know what makes the world go round ? Then look forward to the research tree of Toilet Tycoon 2! To improve your loos you search for 64 innovations for mankind.


With these you can offer your customers over 28.000 variations in how your loos will look like. Which of them the spoilt customer prefers, is what you have to find out.



Herr GewalskyRemember ? You were helpless against sabotage of your enemies and the arbitrary use of power of the health office. But this is over now !


In Toilet Tycoon 2 an old dream comes true, you make your way into politics! Strive for a political office and we will see whos toilets need to be cleaned...!


Toilet Tycoon 2 at one glance:

  • Isometric view
  • mean sabotage
  • improveable characters
  • weird research
  • complex economy
  • turnbased
  • strong A.I
  • variable difficulties
  • different maps
  • up to four players at once

    Gain new friends with Toilet Tycoon 2:

    Neue Freunde Pensioners increase their pensions as guards, fashion stylists lead a double life as masters of gossips .

    Fat housewifes clean loos to reduce nasty overweight.

    Swots and geniouses only have the improvements of the most important need of mankind on their mind.


    INFO: You can enter many buildings on the map. Inside are further leading menus where the player can equip his loos, send in saboteurs and many other things.


If you missed things in Toilet Tycoon 1, or simply have a great idea for part two, send a mail with your suggestions to:


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